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My gratitude is beyond words


After my first encounter 2008 with Satprem, it was clear that she can help with my consistence self-hate and discomfort. – I felt lost and not close to my own heart ever since I can remember. 
Usually I am rather sceptical with what I know about spiritual teachers, which I often consider to be fake and in the ego. 
I trusted Satprem in guiding me to self  healing and  booked a meditation course of 3 days one to one, shortly after our meeting. 
The consistent meditation practice gave me the strength to drop my consultant job and I jumped! 
After being initiated into Reiki I and Reiki II from Satprem in Goa 2010/2011 and having gone through a 4 month silence retreat with her, I can say the holistic-healing transformed and freed my heart so far, that when I look back, I cannot imagine my old self in this grey business field! 
I never experienced unconditional love before I met Satprem, working closely with her. 
My relation with her became in the last three years stronger and stronger. 
I experience always as a loving Zen-Teacher, being sensible for all my ups and downs and ego fights, when I am sometimes captured in old concepts that hinder my clarity and freedom. 
My soul signalled me the wish to also reflect my inner trust and love to Satprem to the outside – committing to Satprem as my Master as her disciple. 
I felt already inside, that it is time to ask, if she would change my name. 
This was expressed one night in a dream. I was welcomed and initiated by the two Masters Osho and Satprem into the Sangha of Sannyasin. 
It felt like coming home, being surrounded by nothing but love and light. After first describing this dream to Satpem, it felt more like a wish from my head and I assumed I was not ready.

The same dream came up eight months later.
Satprem listened but received spontaneously no name, even she considered several. 
Being in Thailand some time later, Satprem found a beautiful green jade Mala with pink string (the colours of the heart chakra) at the flee market and asked, if I would wear it. Of cause I liked it and felt it as clear sign, that a new name is now near. This name change for me is a new birth, letting go of the old bondage to materialism and my grey unloving past. I surrender the idea of “myself” to my beloved Master Satprem as a teacher to help me gaining true love, freedom and peace of mind. I bought the Mala, cleansed it and did wear it daily. 


At the 18th of April 2011 Satprem and I listened to an Osho Darshan in a splendid park being surrounded by Bhodi-trees and peaceful energies. 
It was a very special moment for me full of light– touching the core of my spiritual heart. 
Osho spoke about Sannyas and two names from Zen-people for meditation. 
The name “Wu Si” seekredly touched me and Satprem noted it down in that moment. 
In the same park, she found a special moment, and gave me the name Prem Wu Si” (Love, no fuss). This I already sensed as my new name and after Satprem gave me the paper with my new name on it, we both started a full-hearted loving laughter. 
The honour to receive a name from Satprem symbolizes also trust and love she has for me. 

My gratitude is beyond words. With this name change I finally can express outwardly my inner change. In the time after, I could cut the umbilical cord to unhealthy relationships with friends and family members. 
This gives me free time building nourishing relationships and true friends.
I am much clearer what is good for my soul material and feel free to stand up for “me” to whatever society requests. 

Thank you Satprem!!!