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 “Meditation is medication” Osho Rajneesh

Meditation has been developed, by Sadhus and Rishis in Asia, for centuries to silence the mind and attain inner peace. It brings body, mind and soul into harmony and finally allows one to merge with the universe and become a part of the “here and now”. It helps to release stress, anxiety, depression, emotional and psychological difficulties and addictions, which mostly also lead to physical problems.

To become healthier, happier and eventually work on other needs one first needs to slow down the own mind and become more silent and healthy on all levels

In today’s time the brain gets overburdened with messages, information, emotions, noises etc. There are constant noises, waves and rays coming in from the outside like from the T.V, radios, headphones, mobile phones, too loud music, traffic, working places, markets, neighbors etc. The incoming messages are loud, aggressive and violent. Mostly there are nothing but ‘negative messages’ about wars, killings, rape, hunger, diseases, suffering etc and after messing with the environment for so long Mother Nature is now revolting.

Few wake up in the morning listening to birds or the wind and instead rush through the day, being driven from one place to the other during rush hours, deadlines, shouting, pushing and running, as if their life depends on it. Few have time to eat properly, move their body or enjoy some fresh air in nature. There is little awareness, but much fear and pressure.

We have become “victims” of our own technical devices as people do not enjoy life anymore for its simpler things like taking a walk, looking at the stars or watching birds fly. People need more and more entertainment in the form of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, TV and casual sex to bear their lostness and stress. All they are doing is sticking their “head into the sand” because of depression and being lost. In spare time, such as breaks, evenings, weekends and holidays we “kill time” unaware that time is killing us.

It is high time to become more alert, healthy again and find oneself. ‘MEDITATION IS MEDICATION’. It slowly brings you back to the senses and finally stops the chattering of the mind. When awareness sets in, one sees and smells better, the ears and skin get more sensitive, the feeling gets more real and one begins to make healthier choices with what to eat, how to spend time, and how to nourish the senses. By taking care of the body, mind and soul this way we take a better approach to life with more joy, happiness and laughter. Once we have found inner peace/silence we become more loving towards ourselves and the surroundings. We start taking care of our environment, nature, elements, plants, animals and human beings.

I have been meditating for over 30 years under the guidance of Osho, his Darshans and in Papaji’s Satsangs of Advaita Vedanta.

Satprem’s work:

Meditation Course
I have been teaching meditation courses for many years as it provides the most effective basis for any healing. I teach several techniques, including a breathing technique, so that one is able to get closer to ones self.
For every meditation course I first counsel the person to find out which meditation is helpful for the individual. It is VERY important that one likes the meditation and that it does not become another burdening or empty exercise to fill time and illusion! The initiation into ones personal mediation happens one on one. One learns how to prepare ones surrounding space, how to sit, breathe and go through the different phases of the meditation, being as alert as possible. In the meantime I am present, I watch, help and correct. When finished, we share the experiences, feelings and difficulties you had during the meditation. After 5 such sessions, including corrections and counseling, you are ready to meditate alone and have fun with it!!

Very soon, and mostly during the course, one experiences emotional release and silence which makes one feel more connected and lighter. As layer by layer of past burdens peal away one finally drops into what I call “the spaceless space.” It has also been defined as “No Mind”, “Emptiness”, “Is-ness”, “That” and others.

Meditation Groups and Healing Circles
Besides teaching individuals meditation, I lead different meditation groups and healing circles for 3-15 people. After learning the mediation and breathing technique the group meditates together under my guidance from 1 to 14days. For healing circles we first meditate together and then each participant has a turn at lying in the middle of the circle to receive healing energies from all the others. (See testimonials)

I also regularly arrange meetings, with my students to meditate together and release energies of healing for particular situations, disasters, people, events etc. We bundle these energies and focus on those individuals or situations in the world where it is needed. For example, right after the Tsunami, we gathered at the beach every evening, creating a circle of love, to send out those energies. In this silence we released love towards the victims and their suffering. Some of us afterwards shared that we felt and saw released souls of the dead bodies calming down from the chaos and sudden shock. After those circles we always felt very connected to the universe, calm and joyful in ourselves. 


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