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Martha Fuciano, 52 years, Professora de Universidad Bogota/ Columbia   

Shamanic Healing Session, Earth Meditation 

I was 1 month in Columbia and "worked: there with 2 families. One family was a mother and her 4 sons. We did together meditations and I gave healing sessions. It was for the first time, they got in contact with such "work". Here is what Martha had to say to me. I decided to take this testimony and the one of her children on my website,because my students learn Spanish and my feeling is, I will meet more Latinos in future. I keep the text untranslated for the Spanish speaking people. I am very grateful for this lovely words!

Ma Satprem 

"Gracias por todo por el esfuerzo tan grande de venir a Colombia mi hermano me hablaba de la meditación de su espiritualidad y cuando la conocí NO HAY PALABRAS PARA DECIR TODO LO QUE ERES UN TESORO INMENSO DE CONOCIMIENTO ... 

SATPREM cada minuto cada segundo cada hora cada dia no hay dinero que pueda pagarle esa compañía de nuevo muchísimas gracias por HAver venido a dar salud a mi familia la queremos muchísimo con respeto amor ." 



Alan B Steiner DMD   Denville, NJ 

Short Reiki Session 

I wanted to experience Reiki. I chose to do a short healing session by Satprem while at the Touch Mother Earth Festival this June 2017. It was a 30 minute session and Satprem was quite generous with her time. The session went at least an hour. The energies I experienced and the ability to focus in a meditation was like I have never experienced previously.  

I plan on exploring whatever happened that day in much more depth with Satprem, when my time permits. 

Look at the energy shining in my face after the session.  


Carolina Silva, 54 years, Educational Worker, USA  

Shamanic Healing Session, Earth Meditation 

After our session I started to have complete silence in my head!

I feel at peace, fulfilled. My TaiQi practice just became this amazing moment of body and mind connected in silence. For the past years I have been hooked on listening constantly to music or audio books. It seems a innocuous enough habit but like any habit it becomes unsettling when one need it to go about one’s life.I find myself now, in complete silence and enjoying whatever I am doing with immense pleasure.
Thanks for helping me reach the quiet space in my soul.

Light, Peace and Love to you.



Alena S., 52 years,  Medical Profession, USA 

Hand-, Card-, Tibetan Eye-Reading, Shamanic Earth Meditation 

Following my intuition, I cancelled my well planned day in a steamy summer afternoon and took two hours ride to participate in an Earth Meditation held by Ma Satprem. The ceremony was happening around the tree, on the grass, wind was lovely support Work. In the end of the Ceremony, we all hugged trees and Ma Satprem created a circle and did hands on healing work.

In the moment when she holds her hands next to my chest, I felt sharp pain, followed by emotional relies. In a little while after ceremony, my whole body went into a major cleansing, which I never experienced before.  I was coming home, feeling light , balanced, content. I'm very grateful for my experience!

Thank you Ma Satprem! ️

Alena S.  


Annemarie (Anna) Parker, Artist and Communication Consultant, USA 

Meditation Course, Healing Circle and Sessions 

The meditation course was a 3-day intensive that allowed me to quiet the mind and to begin functioning in the freedom of spirit. Learning to become still and silent through a variety of meditations and insightful instruction by Satprem opened the door to a deeper understanding and trust of my own inner knowing. Satprem teaches that there is no division between body mind and spirit and that they must work together in unity. Meditation is just the tool that gives you roots to allow your wings to reach to the highest!! 



Noelle S.

I have participated in Satprem's healing circle twice and can say I honestly feel an inner shift within, a deeper understanding of self, and another step toward more clarity and presence in the moment.  Satprem is not only an experienced healer she also takes the time to connect and teach those that join her in these sessions.  She is genuine and intuitive, opening insights for the individual during the healing.  I will definitely be joining her again, whether it be in healing or meditation.  I am truly grateful that I found her.

Rick, 38, Teacher, USA


I had met Satprem at a time when I was apprehensive about the future and had a longing to find my spiritual center - a mind-set or energy that I could tap into in order to maintain a positive and healthy outlook during difficult times. I had been studying spiritualism and practicing meditation on and off for years. I started discussing meditation with Prem Wu Si, Satprems student, at a point where I felt I needed assistance, and she invited me to a guided meditation with Satprem. Having been an avid practitioner of meditation I wasn’t optimistic that she could improve my results. However, Satprem, through her guided meditation, was able to awaken something deep within me. I can only describe it as a resurgence of the primordial spirit that dwells within us all. The true essence of me that is timeless and immortal. After the meditation I was beaming with joy, and laughing like a child. Words cannot truly convey the brilliant and eye-opening experience! Thank you Satprem.


Prem Wu Si, 33, Co-founder “IKIERA Divine Holistic Healing Arts Corporation” 

Meditation Course (2008), Reiki I (2010), Reiki II (2011), Crystal Course (2011),
Healing circle & Session 

I encountered Satprem 2008 during a brunch in Goa. She sparked immediately something inside me. I experienced already other “spiritual” workers, which where in my opinion in the ego and abusive with the vulnerability of their students. My soul material was in that way touched, that I trusted her in guiding me to heal myself of my self-hate and my feeling of being “lost”. I made a meditation course for 3 days one-to-one with her directly 2 days later. 

Through her loving way of teaching, I started to really look forward to meditation and can say its “yummi” for me – better than any chocolate or even an orgasm. 

The consistent meditation practice gave me the strength to drop my consultant job and jump, living my own truth! It was clear for me to dive deeper into myself. She agreed to initiate me into Reiki I (2010) and Reiki II (2011) in Goa. She supported me - beside the 4 days of initiation one-to-one – trough the 21 days of silence with loving care and compassion. I can say the holistic-healing transformed me so that I live freely what I think is best for “me” – no matter what others say! With Satprem I experienced unconditional love the first time in my life. She works with me as an individual, not with “pre-pared” lectures. This is very unique; most spiritual teachers I know don’t invest the time to act upon the personal need of each of their students. 

My soul signalled me the wish to also reflect my inner trust and love to Satprem to the outside – committing to Satprem as my master and me her disciple. I felt already inside, that it is time to ask her, if she would change my name (please look at the part “Name Initiation” at this website for details).

This name change to “Prem Wu Si” (Love no fuss) is a new birth for me, letting go of the old bondage to materialism and my grey unloving past. I surrender the idea of “myself” to my beloved Master Satprem as a teacher to help me gaining true love, freedom and peace of mind.



I love myself now, so that I can drop unhealthy relationships with friends and family members. I am able to concentrate my energies on nourishing relationships and on my heart. Today, often when the world around me starts to act like a tragic hurricane, I find myself totally quite like the hurricane centre. Knowing from inside that everything in this moment is perfect and it’s just a movie we all attend. This feeling I never had before, since I was a really a “Wusiwusi”-person, like a hummingbird always everywhere halfway.


2012, Satprem trusted me in working closely with her. I moved to the U.S. to start our company “IKIERA Divine Holistic Healing Arts Corporation” (See: www.ikiera.com).

I look forward to this new step in my life. I experienced that the only importance in this world is love and it’s more fulfilling to love than to be on the receiving end.

To everyone who wants to give himself this precious gift of self transformation, I strongly recommend to start working with Satprem. 

Anjali, 35, Filmmaker/Script Writer, India

Tarot/Hand Reading (2005), Whole-istic Healing Sessions (2006-07), Meditation Course (2006) & Distance Healings (2007-08) (In India)

I was looking for a healer as my body and mind made me feel for many months. When I saw Satprem I was sure on the first look that it was her who I seeked as a teacher for the problem I was stuck in mentally and emotionally.

I was very stressed and upset and unhappy after a terrible 4year period in a friendship I could not understand. I was confused broken and hurting as I was dealing with guilt and feelings of depression and self hate. I also had an uncontrollable Thyroid problem.

The Session and Meditation Course was a wonderful experience. I feel transformed... returned to being who I was at 17. Very fresh and in charge of my destiny. I saw physical tangible changes as my wounds healed emotionally and physically. I saw myself heal. I felt light thereafter.

Afterwards I could look after my emotional states much more easily than before the healing and the meditations. Satprem helped me prepare for my worst fear... my father's leaving his body. She gave me an understanding of my self, life and death, she held my hand in my meditations throughout the toughest period of my life.
She visits me in my meditations (distance healing) and all this is proven between us. Other people might not understand unless they open themselves and try it. But her processes of healing are 'Self Healing' she truly empowers the being. 

Dani, 30, Student of Comparative Religion & Judaistik Studies, Germany

Reiki I, Whole-istic Healing Session & Tarot/Hand Reading (2005 in India)


Rebecka, Naturopath/Acupuncturist, Germany/Israel

Reiki I (2001), Whole-istic Healing Session, Meditation, Distance Healing (In India)

I was (for the second time) in India in 2001, seven years ago. I met Satprem "by accident" in the market in Anjuna (Goa), I (and my friend) was looking for someone, something… Satprem was it.  We lived and worked with her for 3 days. We did the Reiki Initiation. And it was amazing. I never ever experienced anything like it before or after! It is not easy with Satprem, but she moved me beyond words and I am "on the move" since then. And I will never stop! I did Reiki 1 with her and I never found anyone since then to continue with Reiki…! I am a Naturopath and Acupuncturist now. I think my Healer-"Career" started with my very experience with Staprem in India. 

Well. Satprem certainly had a great impact on my life, she taught me the importance of a great "guru" or teacher, but also beyond that how important it is, to listen to yourself, to move beyond what your very teacher taught you, be true to yourself at any time and always, always move on to live up to your own greatest potential!!! And that is what I am doing. Going on to do. Until the end.

Trish, Teacher, Canada

Tarot/Hand Reading (2006, 2007 & 2008 in India)

I have been to numerous readers but I have never found a “healer”. Satprem has been and is being that for me. At first I came just for a reading – like many other people – but after time and through insights from Satprem I have been able to delve deeper into myself and begin process of release and freedom. Satprem gives herself over to you and becomes a channel for one’s healing, whether it is spiritual/physical or emotional. For the first time I have felt connected to my reader/guru which is the basis for change to happen. I have felt more grounded and calmer now. Satprem is not a one time visit – she develops a genuine interest in one’s wellbeing – it is a process of learning and growing. I am glad I have found Satprem, I hope you will too. 


Lara, 30, Student of Art, England

Tarot/Hand Reading & Whole-istic Healing Sessions (In India)

I have had two sessions with Satprem, one session in 2006 and also in 2008. I booked a healing session as I am interested in healing. I have had a knee and ankle injury for a few years and also mental unbalance in my teenage years.
Although I received a variation of treatments, I developed an interest in healing. I am glad that I was able to go for a healing, and after receiving treatment, I was relaxed although I was in trauma. I had an emotional blockage and had a good cry and felt much better after healing, and after the second treatment I was able to connect to my emotional body and felt much lighter in the physical.

It was a great experience and felt settled and stable. I felt that it had helped and after I felt secure and happier within myself. I had a great healing session and felt that it was good to learn how to breath and that crystal healing helped me feel much better. It was good to relax and feel positive and happier after the healing. 

Johannes, 38, Garden Architect, Italy

Tarot/Hand Reading, Whole-istic Healing Session, Healing Circle, Meditation, Distance Healing & Reiki I (In India)

I met Satprem in Goa at the flea market in 2003 but I remember seeing her before in Lucknow at Papaji's Satsang’s. At the time we met I was having a hard time emotionally and mentally due to a crazy lifestyle. I had been using all kind of drugs and almost gave up my spiritual search, I was very depressed and was suffering from anxiety.

I first asked Satprem for a tarot reading, what she told me was touching the point very much and after that she taught me a meditation that calmed me a l lot and proposed to give me the Reiki initiation. I never really trusted Reiki itself so it was a bit hard for me to do it but I trusted Satprem from the very beginning, so I tried. It wasn’t easy to accept this was good for me but i got the initiation and followed her advice doing a 21 day cleansing + meditation. After this I certainly was a new person, more confident and calm.  I still meditate whenever I feel to do it and I’m happy to have received this gift-tool. I don’t practice Reiki often I admit but it helped me out in many situations and I sure never went back to my old bad habits. I know I got cured somehow and put back on track thanks to Satprem's help which always was from the heart.     

Sahajo, 25, Masters in Politics, Germany/Belgium

Whole-istic Healing Sessions, Distance Healing/Hypnosis, Meditations, Healing Circles and Reiki I (In India, Germany, Belgium, U.K, Greece)

I am the daughter of Satprem and they say kids either do exactly the same as their parents or the exact opposite. I'm the latter, I did a Masters in Politics and I am very skeptical of everything that calls itself spiritual and alternative as it has become more of a fashionable trend over the last decade than anything else. However as long as I remember I have seen my mother, Satprem, ‘miraculously’ heal so many people's ailments, injuries, addictions, traumas and depressions. I have seen how many people have so beautifully transformed after working with her and I myself have been initiated in Reiki and was amazed at how it works. It has stopped my period pains and headaches and calmed me throughout my exams at University. It works on all levels and helps to recharge your body, mind and soul so that you can have a balanced and fulfilled existence in today’s age of consumerism, where no one has time and feels the pressures of society. Satprem has tremendous experience in all sorts of healing arts and she fully gives herself over when working with anyone, adapting fully to the persons needs. I strongly recommend giving yourself this priceless gift! 

Prawaal, 33, Filmmaker, India

Tarot/Hand Reading (2008 in India)

It was indeed a pleasure and a spiritual experience which definitely helped me to explore life from a perspective never thought of before in this mundane surrounding. Satprem has an amazing positivity about her and with her and her outlook towards life I associate peace. Her ability to channel the positive energy and use it for the benefit of humanity is indeed commendable and inspirational. I will be always be looking forward for more such meetings, which cements fate in life and humanity. 


Dawn, 42, Business, Wales

Whole-isitc Healing Session (2006 & 2008 in India)

It was a comforting and relaxed experience. I felt relaxed, stress free and whole again. Being in Business is a lot of stress and Satprem took it away. I had a Session with Sapterm 2 years earlier and felt that a lot of tension and stress was taken away from me and again she has done the same. It gives Energy and life. I now feel revitalized, a lot more confident and not stressed. I would recommend her fully to anyone who asks about her. 



Karin, 42, High School Science Teacher, Italian-Switzerland

Reiki I, II & III, Crystal/Pendulum Course, Meditations, Healing Circles (1999) Distance Healing (2005) (In India)

I met Satpremji when I visited Rishikesh in July 1999– apparently it was a coincidence. But I don’t believe in coincidences, and everybody who has learned something about the energies of the Universe, probably doesn’t either. A coincidence always hides a meaning, a message, it is “sent to us from above” or organized by our higher Self.As it often happens in Rishikesh during the monsoon time in July, one afternoon I was caught by a rain shower and sought shelter in an internet café.

I thought to use the time to write some e-mails to my family, but I had to wait, because the electricity was gone once again. Suddenly I noticed a flyer on the wall advertising Reiki treatments and teaching. I had already the 2nd Reiki degree and one wish deep inside me was to find a Reiki teacher and get the master initiation. I had the feeling that the spiritual energy that pervades this country would transform an experience with Reiki into something very special. Already before starting to walk on the Reiki path I knew it was the path I wanted to go.

There was nothing but a phone number and a name, Satpremji, on the flyer, but this didn’t help me to find this person. Seemingly another coincidence, a girl sitting beside me knew her and led me to the house where she lived.

From the first moment on I was impressed by this strong woman, so full of energy, but also commanding a lot of respect. Understandably she didn’t accept me as her student right away, and wanted to put me to the test, to make sure my wish to get the master initiation was deep and sincere. At the same time all these coincidences gave me the strong feeling that from the beginning there was a bond between me and her. And so began an apprenticeship of three weeks with Satpremji.

It was important to Satpremji to teach me in a continuous and complete way and therefore to give me the initiations to the first and the second degree again. She prepared me intensively, with early morning meditations, then dialogues, exchanges of Reiki treatments, healing circles…I wore a button saying “In Silence!”, and needed this time of inner work and insight. When I got back to my room in the ashram in the evenings, I did my self-treatments, which are important for the inner cleansing. The ashram had a meditation room that was open for everybody outside the yoga lessons, and I liked to retreat there for a quiet hour. Also the half hour walks from the ashram to Satpremji’s place and back, along the Ganga, where I watched the people during their morning bath and in the evening for the Puja, were for me a meditation.

From Satpremji I learned not only new Reiki positions and treatments. Also the work with the chakras was part of her teachings, and in the following years I became more and more aware of how important it was, and not only during a Reiki treatment. Satpremji also taught me how to use different crystals in a treatment, and how to work with a pendulum. The most important thing was, though, that with her guidance I could open more and more the access to my intuition. One of the first things she told me, was that I should forget everything I have read about Reiki in books. So I began to work with my intuition and my imagination, and this opened me even more as a channel.
The whole work with Satpremji was filled with a deep spirituality and woke up a whole new awareness, which in the following years has grown like a seed to become a healthy plant. I know that I have learned a lot more than I’m actually aware of.

The initiations were particularly intensive. The huge energy of the initiations happening in such a short time would certainly have knocked me over without preparation. To Satpremji the moment of the master initiation was particularly sacred and special, so it was absolutely important for her that I was very well prepared for it: meditation and work on myself, self-treatments, practice with Reiki and crystals, work on the chakras…All the energies had to be flowing for this very special initiation. And a very special moment it was for me, too, I felt enclosed in a holy sphere, being on the threshold to a new area of my consciousness.

After a purifying shower Satpremji spoke about the responsibility of a Reiki master, and then she got prepared for the initiation herself. Exactly in the moment when she started it, a thunderstorm broke out, and I’m absolutely sure it was no coincidence and gave even more power to the initiation, because as soon as Satpremji finished it, the thunderstorm was over, too. I felt an incredibly strong energy and love inside me as Satpremji hugged me and gave me a crystal that she had programmed, and that should help me in my work.

Life goes on, and the everyday life carries us away, but the inner bond with Satpremji, my teacher, cannot be broken. It has changed a lot inside me. One of the most important things I learned is the feeling of thankfulness, the confidence that my life, is rich and full of gifts, and the awareness, that the problems that seemingly make our days so hard, are actually lessons we chose to learn during this lifetime. I learned to trust in the healing power of love, and being able to see the positive things in my life gives me a lot of strength. I still feel very connected with Satpremji as my Teacher. 

Jasmin, 31, Medical Student, Germany

Whole-isitic Healing Sessions, Reiki I & II, Tarot/Hand Reading, Crystal Course, Meditation Course, Hypnosis/Distance Healing (In India, Germany, U.K, Greece)

I have been a student of Satprem’s for 9 years now. I met her in June of 1999 in Laxamanjhula/Rishikesh. I stayed in India 4 months altogether that year, and Satprem worked with me 2 months of that time.

My reason for this trip is essential, for understanding my working with Satprem and the impact of her and her work in my life. During that time in my life (I was 22 years old), I was at a point, where I really had no more motivation in life and it was rather indifferent to me, if I lived or died. I wouldn’t have actively done anything to myself or pushed it towards that, but if it would have happened, I would have thankfully accepted it that way.

So I was in something like a depression, I guess you could call it. Additionally I was almost completely covered with Neurodermatitis, which is a so-called “non-curable” skin disease, according to western medicine! It itches like hell, so that you don’t have a choice but to scratch yourself bloody! And it makes you look and feel like an alien! I hated myself completely like this! Not just because of my skin but this definitely was a big part of it. I had had Neurodermatitis that bad for more than 5 years at that point, which strengthened the fact, that I had no more interest in life as it was!

So I had come to India because from there, I wanted to travel on to Nepal and Tibet, to find myself and see if there was any reason for me to continue living. For that I had decided to go into a Tibetan monastery in Nepal.

That’s when I met Satprem, in Laxamanjhula, India. I spend 2 months working with her there. I did a meditation course and became initiated in Reiki 1 and after a while into Reiki 2 and did a Crystal-Workshop. It was absolutely intense! One of the most intense times of my life so far.

During that time with Satprem, the most unbelievable things happened with/to me! I had some incredible insights into life! My skin became completely cured! I started to enjoy life again! This was more than I had ever dreamed of. In harmony with that, I adapted an absolutely different approach to life. I loved life again and everyone could see it and told me that, when I came home to my family and friends!

I have 2 pictures. One was taken just before India and the other just after India. I kept them until today and will always keep them to remind me, how much the work with Satprem changed me, my thoughts, views and actions, my entire life! And also the way I deal with things in everyday situations.

Working with Satprtem is always a challenge. She tickles out the exact things that one wants to hide especially in front of one self! That is her work! To help one grow!

She helped me grow in such tremendous and many ways, that one has to experience it for oneself to understand and feel it! It’s a feeling, not a thought! Therefore not really possible for me to put into words.

The techniques I learned from her and the helpful teachings and talks we had/have support and guide me in every situation. It’s a learning process every day.

And this is one of her extraordinary traits, that whatever question, problem, success or defeat you might have; she is ALWAYS there for you and will support you, as long as you are her student. And it would take a lot not to be anymore, unless you would explicitly wish so.

When she asked me back in 1999:”Do you really think you are ready to work with me? Because it will change your whole life!” I had no comprehension of the gravidity of this statement, and I guess I still don’t completely today. I now might have a slightly bigger idea of what she meant back then through the experiences, miracles and things I’ve seen! And I’m sure there is plenty more to come…

Thank You from the bottom of my Heart, Satpremji for all your Time, Energy and Patience! 

Ursula, Acupuncturist (& Monika), Switzerland

Meditation Course (2007 in India)

In November 2007 Moni and I were in Goa and had a meditation course with Satprem. It was a wonderful experience and Satprem is a skilled teacher, she conducted the class with intuition and sensitivity. We enjoyed the course tremendously. Especially the last morning where we meditated at the beach by the sun rising. We wish Satprem all the best and a wonderful future.


Sampo, IT/Health, Finland

Healing Session, Reiki I (2002) (In India & Greece)

I wanted to do Reiki for some time and was waiting/searching for the right person to come. I wanted to heal myself and also others. I have this colitis ulcerosa, which is an illness with the large intestine, and this was one of the reasons why I wanted to do Reiki. It also helped me.

The initiation experience was tremendous. Working with Satprem was very rewarding and interesting. It was easy and safe to work with her, because she knew what she was doing. I enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. I felt serene and balanced afterwards. Reiki has helped me with my colitis, it makes it calm. Reiki also makes me more stable and sure of myself. I do Reiki regularly/weekly. Reiki is part of my everyday life from the initiation forwards. I got a way of living from Reiki and it is part of my every day life.


Rani, 57, Spiritual Therapist and Teacher  

Distance Healing 

When I told Satprem of my current back problems she offered to give me a distant healing.
She was in India at the time while I was in Germany. The first time I was curious to know if I would feel anything at all.
At the appointed time l laid down following certain breathing exercises and I receive a wonderful healing energy of light. The pain started to move and lots of energy circulated in the body. At the end of the session I called her and asked her what she had experienced and felt. She described the exact same movements that I had felt.

Now we are doing it on a regular basis and each time a very bright bright light appears and moves and sweeps through the body, changing old patterns and bringing fresh energy to an old chronic ailment which I am sure is in process of healing. Needless to say that I am very very grateful for this support in my healing journey.

Manu, 38, Social Worker, Germany

Reiki I & II, Crystal Course, Mediation Groups & Healing Circles (In India, Germany)

Through Satprem I learnt Reiki I, Crystal work (2000 Rishikesh), Reiki II (2003/4 Munich) and under her guidance meditated and took part in many healing circles (London).

I was never interested in Reiki until I met Satprem personally. And then all that was important to me was to work with her…what she called it didn’t matter to me. Before I met Satprem I was a “hard nut” i.e. I did the toughest jobs in my profession (Prison Psychiatry) was thick skinned (tough) and unreachable. Through my meeting with Satprem a new path began for me, the path to myself. Satprem cracked my shell and first of all I ran around ‘shell-less’ through my new life. My friends were gone, I couldn’t do any work anymore, but instead I had something new: Feelings, Love and Courage to create a new life for myself (gestallten). Today, 8 years after first being with Satprem I am a mother with a 2year old daughter, am married and work independently in my profession. All things that were unthinkable then. I would very much like to see Satprem again. She is the most ‘healing’ encounter I have ever had.