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Animal Healing 

Spontaneous healing of animals is part of Satprems healing work since many years.

I am Prem Wu Si, one of  Satprem's students and did  observe often, when my teacher helped ill animals with success.

As president of our newly formed Divine Holistic Healing Arts Corporation "IKIERA",

I therefore suggested including the healing of animals and plants into Satprem's heeling program.

Watching her working with a dog in India, that had cancer (the doctor told the owner, an operation promised little success), she started to prepare the dog for that operation.

A huge lump was hanging at the small leg of the little dog. Obviously he was in pain and didn’t allow any stranger near, not to speak about touch.

Satprem spoke to him and mysteriously to the owner watching this first meeting, the dog stopped barking and growling and allowed touch and strokes.

From then onwards, the patient was brought each day, for a short treatment.

He used to mark his entrance by peeing on the doormat, then entered the flat fearless and jumped on the prepared place.

Satprem calmly spoke with him in German, and he responded with complete trust, leaking her hands and offering the leg. 


First she didn't touch the enormous ball of cancer, but later he allowed doing just that, and the healing began.

Already BEFORE the operation, the enormous cancer ball did shrink, by getting more subtle.

The day, finally the O.P. happened, the dog was completely calm, excepting injection and all.

He came back narcotized with a huge wound from the cut.

Satprem kept treating the wound through the bandage, and the patient kept quietly accepting.

After the first day of healing, the dog started moving from his basket.

Already next day, after another session, he moved slowly to eat. 

On the third day, the cover could be taken. The wound was completely closed and the patient jumped happily as if new.  


Often animal “parents” are helpless in situations when the beloved pet starts to become sick with cancer, ulcer old age, or other symptoms of physical decay.

They see the animal they love suffer, but are not capable to help besides going to the veterinary 

To treat them with  healing energy , is an alternative and supporting way to help their well being and recovery, after and before a veterinarian treatment.

Animals are much more receptive and sensitive, as humans think.  

For example after the cancer operation, Chi-energy could increase the speed of wound-healing. 


Satprems experience in animal healing:
Satprem has a very strong connection with animals ever since she was young. 

Her blind farther had different German shepherds as a guide. 

Often they were rejected dogs from the police, aggressive or unpredictable.

With fearless love, she found a way to reach them and allow her to pat.

She observed these dogs helping the blind father to master his daily life and loved them also for that fact. 

Later in her life, she had several special incidents with animals. Visiting a zoo, she climbed under the bar of a cave and did pet a lion, talking calmly to him, and expressing with strokes compassion for his cave situation.

He responded by snoring like a cat and pressing his big head against her fingers, until a grown up noticed the situation and shouted in fear.


This made the lion jumping up and running away, while Satprem was violently snatched from the cave.

Later in India at Varanasi’s burning gats, she did meditate at night time over the burning bodies and death.

A group of Sadhus attacked her and threatened violently, asking what she as Western woman alone, was doing at that holy place. 

Out of the blue, 13 stray dogs, living around the gats from body parts, appeared. They look furious and are known to be dangerous.  


They formed a protective circle around Satprem, made ghastly sounds to the outside, and the Saddhus disappeared into the night.



Satprem also was scared, as those dogs looked like hyenas, but she had to get up in order to find the way to her waiting taxi.

As she got up, the dogs parted to both sides and escorted her to the frightened taxi driver, which didn't dare to ask for payment.

Those dogs are highly respected in India and seen as "Shivas dogs", "send" to protect meditators in danger.  


In India 1980, she was initiated into divine healing and practiced her compassion with hypnosis and distance healing, to help aggressive and abused stray dogs and monkeys,with wounds, eczema, broken bones and other.

She observed gratefulness and kindness, starting to lick her hands and their own wounds by helping the healing. She never was attacked by feared street dogs or aggressive monkeys, as she spoke with them as if they were family.

After some time, the animals became trusting, tame and calm, following her around and protecting her from strangers.

One of those lonely dogs at Goas beach, she named “Peaceful”. He was huge like a calf, young and lovingly impulsive, but not accepted at the beach dogs gang.

He was several times attacked and had big wounds, as he didn't know how to defend himself. The open wounds created skin eczema and he smelled so, that also the tourists didn't want him nearby. He wasn't fed and got dangerously skinny. 

After treating him, he survived as a strong dog. 

He became Satprems "true lover" and as soon as he spotted her, he jumped up without control and threw her into the sand to play.

 He became a defender and protector of the female and wretched smaller dogs and also woman which walked at darkness at the beach.

Walking the beach from sunset to nights fall, always out of nowhere, Peaceful appeared and walked her home to safety.

She helped many other animals such as cats, birds, snakes, geckos, salamanders, frogs, monkeys, donkeys and horses, when she lived in the areas of the Himalayas.




In the modern world of consumerism, animals are often showing symptoms of illness from being treated like humans.

They get depressed, overfed, not enough walking time, and respond with psychotic reactions. Satprem is very good in correcting this "misdoings", by bringing the animal back to its "consciousness" of being an animal, helping their owners to remember that and give their pat what it truly needs.

With this introduction, we welcome you to meet Satprem with your pats and witness the magic of her voice and hands, helping the needs of your animal. 

Prem Wu Si
(Student of Satprem and Co-Founder of Ikiera Divine Holistic Healing Arts)