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Feng Shui is an ancient Japanese and Chinese wisdom which aims to harmonize Ki/Chi (life energy) in any enclosed space to create a more peaceful, calmer and balanced environment.

If the Chi in a house is blocked or flows irregularly it creates disharmony. A person is negatively affected when the Chi is unbalanced. It leads to a disharmony in oneself and relationships, to a lack of concentration, to illness and it even influences fertility, fortune and prosperity.
The shape of a building, location of doors and windows, colors, ventilation, lighting, gardens, elements etc all effect the Chi flow. However today only a few can afford to build this way because the materials and the architects who know how to make use of this wisdom are costly. A Feng Shui Master can help to connect the flows. With her/his knowledge we feel healthier in our living space or office

Even if a building/room is not built in consciousness of Chi one is still able to create a space in which Chi flows harmoniously. This creates an area of maximum health, fortune, peace, happiness and prosperity.


The Feng Shui Master knows how to place symbols and objects such as crystals, fans, animal sculptures, plants, silk flowers, mirrors and even water in specific directions and areas to minimize damaging influences of irregular ‘stuck’ Chi.
When one knows the secrets of the Chi flow one can Feng Shui ANY (harmful/negative) surrounding such as a hotel room, your new apartment, house, office or other enclosed spaces in a relatively short time.

I have been using Feng Shui for over 18years and I was initiated as Feng Shui Master 13years ago and can Feng Shui (cleans) your living space by invitation.

Satprem’s work: 

If you wish to learn how to Master the art you need to commit yourself for a long time as you will first need to become a meditator, learn how to use a pendulum and then how to work with crystals and other tools.  However I teach compact starter courses in which we learn the very basics of Feng Shui. With this you can for example cleanse a hotel room on your travel or your office space from any energetical pollution and impurity.