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Satprem was born in Germany in 1943 and grew up during the difficult post war years. From an early age she experienced that healing ability happened spontaneously through her hands. Her intuition was very tuned. She had visions and psychic abilities in early age which were scary, isolated her and made her an outsider in her surroundings. Consequently, she questioned everything about society, religion, family values and the meaning of life etc. She was on the path for truth like many other seekers.


5 years she studied to become a make up artist for theatre, television and film assuming that the art world would connect her with a world of deeper values and beauty. She wanted to act and did so after 5 years along with modeling for advertisements, synchronizing films and acting in plays and films across Europe. She hosted a kid’s radio show and meanwhile was involved in setting up a famous children’s theatre. By her mid twenties she was well known but still felt empty, lonely and disappointed with the lack of happiness the art scene brought.

She began to study Theology combined with psychology and art in the hope that the (inner) Void could be filled. She was thirsty for an understanding of ‘God’, herself and life. The study included teaching Religious Education at school where she soon realized that her idealism of human values and rights had no place in the system. She decided to leave the ‘civilized’ society, sold everything, left Germany for good with a suitcase, leaving no bridges behind and moved to Ibiza.

Spiritual path:

In Ibiza she could lead a freer and simpler life in nature. She became a vegetarian, meditated and her creative drive led her to become an artist of Ikebana (an ancient Japanese art). Her meditation deepened naturally through this and created pictures of beautiful imaginary landscapes, portraits and mandalas which were bought by art collectors throughout Europe. At that time she was called in a dream from a Tibetan Mahayana Lama, whom she met 2 weeks later at a meditation camp on the island. The call came from the Tibetan Lama Thubten Yeshe (left) (meanwhile reincarnated into Lama Oesel) who gave her a secret initiation with the name Yeshe Dolma.

 At 35 she traveled to India to visit Tibet and Kashmir, two places she always felt drawn to. First however, she went to Puna after reading one of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (later Osho) books which touched her deeply and she knew this was ‘THAT’. She wrote him a letter about her life drama and search and asked him to advice which healing groups to take. Finally arriving at the ‘gateless gate’ she discovered that her first group had started. Absolute synchronicity.

At her first Darshan (meeting with the Master) she immediately felt the enormous energy  the man had and knew that she had found what she was looking for. After this first encounter in 1979 she continued meditating and submerging herself into Osho’s teachings of unconditional love.

On the 14th March 1980 she took Sanyas (right) and received the name Satprem, meaning True Love. Osho asked her to come live in the Ashram so once again she prepared for a complete change in her life. With 40 she returned to Europe preparing her move, Osho left for America and she gave birth to her first and only child with the blessings of her Master.


For 5 years she lived in Puna with her daughter, being a mother, working in the Ashram, meditating, listening to Osho’s darshans, participating in and slowly leading groups. It is during this time that she began learning, developing and using different healing techniques (see below).


Three years after Osho left his body Satprem and her daughter were invited by H.W.L Poonja (Papaji), an enlightened Advaita Vedanta Master, to come live in Lucknow. Here she was able to continue her spiritual journey through continuous meditation and listening to Papaji’s Satsang’s. During this time she continued giving sessions to Papaji and visitors before he advised her to learn Reiki. Since Papaji has left his body in 1997, Satprem has been living and working in India during the season (Oct-May) and touring Europe during the summer to give groups, sessions and initiations.

Satprem’s many years of practice in East and West allow her to offer a healing experience whole-heartedly for you to try. She continues meditating and working on herself while helping others who yearn to grow spiritually and harmonize their Body, Mind and Soul.

Healing trainings and experiences:

From a young age Satprem had a strong intuition, visions and Psychic abilities. At 16 she began working with the I-Ging (an ancient Chinese book of wisdom) and later gave readings which she still practices.

Satprem began learning various healing techniques 35 years ago in Puna where she took several groups. She completed a 6 month Devine Healing course which included Acupressure, Acupuncture, Touch for Health, Chi Gong, Thai Chi, and the use of Herbs for Health.  Afterwards she finished a Prenatal Healing course which taught her to use pressure points on the medulla, feet, hands and ears to release childhood-, womb- and past- life traumas.

Furthermore she took groups which taught her to work with, and teach others how to use, Crystals, Metals and Pendulums, and how to make Ayurvedic Crystal Waters. She took several massage courses and partly worked with Tibetan Healing.

During this time Osho wanted her to work in the Mystery School of the Ashram as a Tarot reader. She had never worked with it before and tested it with a famous Italian Tarot reader who confirmed her psychic abilities and so she gave Tarot Readings in the Mystery School

Throughout this time in the Puna Ashram she learnt how to teach different Meditation techniques and led Sufi Whirling and Primal groups.

In 1996 in Lucknow she was initiated into Feng Shui, Jing Shin, Jejitsu, Reiki I, II, Master and Teacher in 7th lineage to Dr. Usui after which she began giving Reiki sessions and initiations herself.

After almost 40 years she has combined all her experiences and trainings to develop her own unique healing art, working whole-istically on the Physical, Mental and Emotional level and energy bodies which touch Body, Mind and Soul.

Basically she functions as a channel for divine Energy from the macro-cosmos to lead into the micro-cosmos (patient/healee). During any work with her the patient gets in tune with the channel using a special breathing technique she teaches before. Like this the client is in Meditation and connects with the psychic, which is part of the healing process. Satprem has been learning various skills under several Eastern and Western Masters. She has been healing, teaching and practicing for over 35 years and has worked with a multitude of nationalities, different ages and professions using many healing techniques for different conditions and needs.



2012, Satprem Founder “IKIERA Divine Holistic Healing Arts” (See: www.ikiera.com).